eeNoo Scottish Gin

eeNoo Scottish Gin

This Canadian-inspired Scottish gin is exceptionally fresh and easy-drinking, great to have on a hot summer’s day. The name, eeNoo, is Old Scots for ‘just now’ or ‘right at this moment’. It was inspired by the Inuit Eenoolooapik, who was also known as Mr. Eenoo. Mr. Eenoo had crossed the Atlantic from northern Canada to Aberdeenshire during the 1800s. Once in Scotland, he became friends with the whaling captain William Penny. They shared stories of their travels and their passion for the sea, and of course where all the good whaling spots are from each end of the Atlantic. The imagery on the label pays tribute to Mr. Eenoo’s Inuit heritage, and his adventurous spirit.

The gin itself is distilled by the Lost Loch Distillery. The spirit has been infused with Royal Deeside honey, bramble berries and raspberries. Other local ingredients from Deeside that have been incorporated into this refreshing and fragrant gin are heather flowers, as well as other botanics which have been sourced from local Aberdeenshire area farms. Scottish and Italian sourced juniper is used in addition to coriander seeds, angelica and liquorice roots, orange and lemon peels to give this gin its traditional but smooth flavour.

Pour eeNoo over ice with either Mediterranean tonic or bitter lemon and enjoy!

Bruichladdie Classic Laddie

What makes this whisky so interesting, is that there is no recipe set in stone for its creation. The liquid is created through what the distillery refers to as a distilling philosophy. The variety and provenance of Bruichladdie’s barley shapes the Classic Laddie year by year. Each batch of this gorgeous liquid is unique and just subtly different from the last. A fresh marine salt-citrus tang is the signature accent of the Classic Laddie, however it is ultimately left to the Head Distiller to curate and assemble the spirit to showcase its classic and elegant Bruichladdie house-style. Bruichladdie single malts are always unpeated. Fully exposed to the powerful Atlantic storms, the salt-soaked air permeates the fabric of this timeless Islay distillery.

The distillery was built in 1881 when puffer-supplied coal was available as an alternative type of fuel instead of the local peat. It has since been thought that Bruichladdie was specifically designed to produce the purest unpeated Scotch whisky available. The original Victorian machinery has allowed an unparalleled legacy of craft distilling to trickle down throughout the years and generations of men who make this sophisticated Islay dram.

COLOUR – Sunlight on fields of early summery barley.

NOSE – The liquid opens with barley sugar and a hint of mint, then notes of freshly cut wildflowers (buttercups, daises, meadowsweets, myrtles, primrose, and cherry blossoms). With the addition of some water, you will then smell caramelised fruits, lemon drops and honey, tangerine, and tablet.

PALATE – The single malt nearly pops on the tongue like champagne bubbles, after you’ll experience a combination of ripe green fruit, brown sugar and sweet malting to bring the taste to a close.

FINISH – The finish of this fantastic dram brings warmth to the heart and soul. It should be enjoyed with good company.