Kilty Gin 70cl

Kilty Gin 70cl

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Kilty Gin is a bold, juniper led London Dry Style Gin, or should we say, Dunblane Dry Gin?

A total of 10 different botanicals were carefully selected to give the perfect balance for Kilty Gin. Rowan berries are one of the key signature botanicals in Kilty Gin. We hand pick Rowan berries from just outside the distillery (and all over Scotland when we are away on trips). They add a unique sweet but crisp flavour that sits perfectly with the other 9 botanicals.

The Rowan tree (mountain ash tree) is synonymous with Scotland and always seemed a very fitting botanical to use, especially as my favourite tune to play on the bagpipes as a kid was ‘The Rowan tree’.  Look out for these small red berries in October when they are fully ripe. We freeze ours straight away to keep them fresh throughout the year.

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