Isle of Harris Gin

1.5 kg
Every drop of the award-winning Isle of Harris Gin is made in the small village of Tarbert.

The local distillers create this first offering from the island distillery in a small copper gin still which sits alongside her larger whisky-making sisters in the distillery's bright Spirit Hall.

The gin still is nicknamed 'The Dotach' in honour of a similarly small and feisty local woman who is fondly remembered in Harris from days gone by.

The addition of Sugar Kelp seaweed, gathered sustainably by hand from local sea-lochs, is the key botanical to express the island's unique maritime nature.

The spirit is softened by the fresh, low-mineral rainwaters which flow from the nearby source stream of Abhainn Cnoc a ’Charrain.

Each bottle of the Isle of Harris Gin is finished by hand at the distillery, applying the labels and closing each one with a natural cork and wood stopper.

Finally, a paper seal is applied (bearing the distillery's geographical coordinates) to every single bottle by hand, to guarantee a truly Outer Hebridean gin, made in the Isle of Harris and nowhere else.