Octomore 14.3

1.5 kg

Distilled with quality, not quantity in mind, this 14th annual series continues our journey into the power and potential of the world’s most heavily peated single malt.

An experiment which pushes the boundaries of whisky making, the latest series explores the influence of terroir, cask management and varying peat levels on the final flavour – with each single malt having its own distinct and unique character.

The fundamentals of our own Octomore education, learned and refined over the years, are ever present in this latest release. As with each new series launched in recent years, a range of four Octomore single malts will be available.

The 14.1, the base of the experiment, remains matured in ex-American oak, the 14.2 features European oak, 14.3 is distilled from locally grown Islay barley, and, in a distillery first, the 14.4 has been matured in Colombian oak.