Sea Change Chardonnay White Wine

1.5 kg

Easy-drinking and full of flavour, fresh citrus and tropical fruits dominate the palate, with notes of black pepper and lime pairing with a crisp, mouth-watering acidity. Sea Change Chardonnay has a well-balanced structure and a soft, delicious finish

In response to the huge environmental challenges facing the World’s oceans, 10 International has launched a new wine concept. Sea Change is a range of ethically sourced, environmentally conscious wines designed to help tackle this global issue through the generation and donation of funds to key charities and environmental projects

The range has been designed with minimal packaging in mind to reduce potential waste and to maximise its conservation credentials

Sea Change supports multiple charities across the globe, with the aim of aiding organisations that raise awareness as well as those that take direct action in cleaning our seas. Find out more at