The Scottish Gantry

We are proud owners of our own boutique drinks shop in Stirling which opened in June 2017! We stock over 170 gins, 170 whiskies, 200 wines, 100 beers and many other alcoholic beverages such as fortified wines, rums, cognacs & brandies, tequilas & mezcals, liqueurs, vermouths you name it!

At The Scottish Gantry our aim is to show you just how good our national drinks products are. We all know that Scottish Whisky is the world's best ( come on you Irish and Japanese.... you know it too ). What though of Scottish Gin, Vodka, Craft Beer and Liqueurs? Why not see for yourself.

At the Scottish Gantry our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff will guide you in a way that will broaden your palate and allow you to taste new products in advance of potential purchase.

At any time we have more than 100 sampling bottles for you to try.