BENRIACH Malting Season 1st Edition

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A tribute to tradition! This single malt is a rare celebration of the time-honoured techniques that the Benriach Distillery were known for upon its creation. This single malt is made by steeping the barley in water, carefully turning it over by hand on the malting floor, and letting it rest for several days. Benriach has one of only two malting floors in the entire Speyside region!

Comprised of just 23 barrels, only 6672 bottles have been made. With a beautiful barley gold cask-imported colour, it is matured in bourbon and American virgin oak casks. This gives a luxuriously nutty dram. With a phenomenal richness of character, this dram is a tribute to Benriach’s founder and the slow craft of his historic maltings, all in the pursuit of exceptional flavour.