Bordon Crianza

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Bodegas Franco-Españolas has over 125 years of history behind it. A result of the union between the two countries, when the phylloxera disease devastated the French vineyards, this winery marks the beginning of the production of quality wines in La RiojaBordón is a good example of this: a wine that acquires this curious name both in order to designate the pilgrims’ staff, and to remember its Bordeaux origin.

The grapes for Rioja Bordón Crianza comes from three sub-areas of La Rioja (Alta, Alavesa and Oriental): autonomous varieties of the territory that, depending on soil and climate, achieve the best typicity.

Once the harvest is complete, the berries are destemmed and gently ground. After the alcoholic fermentation, Rioja Bordón Crianza goes into a medium-toasted American white oak barrel for 14 months, with racking every 6 months to achieve natural clarification. It remains in the bottle for 6 months before going on the market.