Campbells of Rutherglen Muscat 375ml

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Rutherglen Muscat is one of Australia’s unique styles of wine. In order to make it, Muscat grapes are left to raisin on the vine and then partially fermented before being fortified with grape spirit and aged in cask in a very hot climate for a long time. The heat is part of the appeal of these wines that darken and take one complex aromas of baked sugar and toast. These wines are lusciously sweet and pair with virtually any dessert. They are produced by fractional blending of wines from different vintages that yield a consistent wine from year to year. They do not develop in bottle and are wines of almost uncannily high quality.

Christmas pudding in a glass! Luxuriously syrupy, with intense flavours of caramelised brown sugar and sweet, juicy raisins and fruitcake spice and with a refreshing acidity that  prevents it from being cloying, make it a real treat. Serve slightly chilled and if you manage to save some for Boxing Day, enjoy with gooey chocolate pudding. An award-winning wine!