Dado E Tratto Bianco 2018


The Rubicon river flows from the Apennine mountains to the Adriatic sea through southern Emilia-Romagna, and served as the ancient northern boundary of Roman Italy. It was here in 49 BC that Julius Caesar ignored the Senate’s orders to disband his army in the north and crossed the river in order to march on Rome and become emperor.

Legend has it that on crossing the shallow waters of the Rubicon, knowing there was now no turning back, he uttered the Latin phrase “alea iacta est”, or “the die is cast”.

This becomes Dado è Tratto in Italian! Our new pair of wines come from the Rubicone wine region, which encompasses the old Romagna region in central Italy and of course includes the famous river. Picked from a sustainably farmed single vineyard and championing the main white variety of the region, Trebbiano, with some Pinot Bianco that really lifts the aromatics of an already pretty floral Trebbiano. It's a smooth, easy-drinking and very easy to love white from an overlooked area of Italy.