Dram Mor Glenrothes 9 yr old Cask 3061

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Wet flint and damp woodland soil fill the nose as you take your first whiff, pear drops creep in with some orchard fruit  chased by dried oak. There’s a softening of the oak into something richer, light vanilla, caramel and mallow work wonderfully together leading you off towards earthy spices and worn leather.


Oily and rich, the flavour fills the whole mouth, leather and liquorice dominate early on, anise following closely behind. Suddenly you’re surprised by the intensely berry notes with something almost medicinal, yet deeply comforting. This is a complex, grown up dram that flows between spices, wood and fruit effortlessly, it’s earthy, rooty and utterly delicious.


Liquorice really wants to dominate the finish, it’s warm, bold and spicy, oily yet deeply satisfying and pleasant, indefinably autumnal, perhaps wet leaves, perhaps soil, utterly magnificent.