Edinburgh Gin 1670

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The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, affectionately known as 'The Botanics', was first established at a time when plants sat at the heart of medicine. Visionary physician-Botanists Robert Sibbald and Andrew Balfour established a medicinal or 'Physic Garden' in 1670 to train physicians in the safe use and identification of plants. 'The Botanics' has been studying plants for around 350 years. In the 21st Century it is a world renowned centre for plant science, horticulture and education, their mission is to 'explore, conserve and explains he world of plants for a better future'. Edinburgh Gin is the perfect partner to embody the science of distilling, as all of our distillers have graduated from the Heriot Watt University's School of Distilling. At Edinburgh Gin we firmly believe that gin distilling is an art that can be perfected by the correct application of science.