Flavia Ava Vino Blanco Terre Siciliane IGP


Young and zealous producers, Flavia and Giacomo Rallo represent the fourth generation of the Rallo family from Marsala. Their philosophy is identified in the enhancement of the pure essence of wine and its nature, practicing sustainable, organic and non-invasive cultivation and production techniques.

  • Grillo is a white grape variety characteristic of the Marsala area. Vinified alone, it gives wines of great organoleptic depth, sapid, fragrant and with good longevity potential. The color of the Grillo is a light and bright greenish yellow which takes on reddish hues in the final phase of maturation. The wines obtained from Grillo have fruity and citrus aromas that integrate with the floral notes of wildflowers and orange blossom. On the palate the wine is fresh, well structured with a pleasant, slightly savory and mineral finish.