The Glenturret CASTLE CLUGGY

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Castle Cluggy is the ancestral seat of the Murray clan. It has a long and interesting history. One of its owners, John Comyn III, known as the Red Comyn, was a vital figure in the Wars of Scottish Independence and Guardian of Scotland for a long period. He was probably best known though for being stabbed to death at the high altar of Greyfriar’s Kirk by Robert the Bruce in 1306.

It has unfortunately been left to fall into ruin in recent years but recently, Keith Murray-Hetherington JP (Chairman of the Castle Cluggy Charitable Trust) has set his sights on restoring it to a condition so it can be safely visited by the general public once more.

The link between The Murray’s and The Glenturret go back to our origins. The earliest documentation Glenturret has, confirming its status as the oldest working distillery in Scotland, dates back to 1763 on a rental document of the Ochetyre Estate owned by Sir Patrick Murray. So when the opportunity to help with Keith’s restoration project came up, we were delighted to help out.

With this in mind, we created a Castle Cluggy bottling whereby all profits will go to the Castle Cluggy Charitable Trust and help in Keith’s mission to bring one Scotland’s least known historic castles back to life.