Gutturnio DOC Frizzante

1.5 kg
Sparkling Gutturnio DOC. For many connoisseurs of Emilian wines, this represents the most structured red bubble. In the version proposed here by Il Poggiarello, the base blend is 60% Barbera grapes and 40% Croatina grapes, or Bonarda. Harvest when fully ripe, pressing and maceration at controlled temperature. Then the second fermentation, slow, in autoclave to acquire its delicate petillant and rustic typicality. After bottling, the cork is secured to the neck of the bottle with the traditional string. In the glass it has a beautiful deep ruby red color with great intensity. The nose is a symphony of ripe red fruit, from strawberry to cherry. In the mouth it is fresh and young. Decidedly fruity and well balanced in all its parts. A wine not to be drunk alone but to be shared with the people you love.