La Garde Ecossaise Champagne NV 75cl 12% ABV

1.5 kg

Champagne Pour L’Écosse!

Of the many delicious gifts that France has given to the world, Champagne is perhaps our favourite, and we have searched extensively to find a hidden gem to be our private cuvée champagne. Scotland has shared a special and enduring friendship with our friends across the water for centuries, and our cuvée celebrates that relationship by remembering La Garde Écossaise - a force of 6000 young Scots who travelled to fight with the French in the 14th century. In recognition of their bravery, the Kings of France would name their personal body guard La Garde Écossaise Du Corps Du Roi for centuries afterwards.

Produced and bottled for the Leith Export Company by G. H. Martell & Co of Epernay, this wine was selected for us by our consultant buyer and Master of Wine, Emma Dawson. Produced with a blend of 46% Pinot Noir, 37% Pinot Meunier, 17% Chardonnay, and a dosage of 10 g/l, it has a classic light golden colour with aromas of white fruits like peach and apricot and a gentle citrus note.

On the palate, the delicate ripe stone fruits are there again, with a hint of green apple and the luxurious brioche character that defines a superlative champ