LAGG Corriecravie, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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LAGG Single Malt Corriecravie Edition. The Corriecravie Edition is bottled in limited quantities once a year.

Corriecravie Edition is matured initially in Bourbon Barrels before being finished for approximately 6 months in Oloroso Sherry Hogsheads sourced directly from producer Miguel Martin in Jerez, Spain.

For this edition, They have used Concerto malted barley and water from Their own borehole. Their chosen yeast and fermentation time allows them to create the full-bodied flavour they are looking for in this distillation.

The taste profile is slightly richer than Their Kilmory expression bringing to the fore notes of sweeter spices and rich fruits.

The Corriecravie Edition is bottled at 55% ABV, without chill filtration and with no added colour.

Nose: Dark chocolate and spiced red berries

Palate: Rich and mouth watering with subtle notes of charred embers and hazelnut

Finish: Charred Oak, Smoke, Hazelnut, Dark chocolate, Sweet Spice.