Marsilea Bobal Joven 2019

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Our vines are typically more than 40 y ears old and planted at altitudes of 900 meters. The climate is continent al with hot summers during the day and cold during the night . Winter is dry and very cold, oft en with strong snowfall. The grapes are hand-sort ed before the fermentation. The partially crushed grapes are then subjected to low temperature for the extraction of primary,fruit aromas. The fermentation is done at low temperatures ( 18ºC) in temperature cont rolled tanks. Fermentation is carried out with indigenous yeast , we do not use commercial yeast . Daily pump-overs are done until the end of fermentation, with a rise in temperature till the end of fermentation up t o 25 ºC. The encubado is of 15 days minimum. Malolactic fermentation is carried out with indigenous bacteria. No commercial bacteria are used. Malolactic fermentation is made in stainless steel tanks. We don' t use oak barrels, we produce young wines, wines aged sur lie and then bottle aged before release.