Pazo Do Mar, Treixadura Ribieiro 2020

1.5 kg

An aromatic and full-flavoured wine with pure aromas of white orchard fruit and lively citrus notes. Elegant, with a creamy, luscious texture and a lovely crisp, fruity finish.

The aromatic Treixadura variety is a local variety of the Ribeiro region. This slow-ripening white variety can be sensitive, so site selection is paramount. The Pazo do Mar Treixadura vineyard is a testament to this: the grapes for this wine come from the Torre do Olivar vineyard, a viticultural site that dates back to the Middle Ages. In 2002, the vineyard was replanted with the current Treixadura vines. The vineyard sits at an elevation of 150 metres above sea level on a meander of the Miño River, which has a moderating influence on the vines, as they have been oriented to encourage maximum exposure to the sun. The soil is sedimentary with slate components, which retains the warmth of the day and radiates it at night, as Treixadura needs warm soils for optimum quality.