Simple Things Fermentation Series No 17 Imperial Stout

1.5 kg

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“Our first Impy Stout is refined, decadent and perfectly balanced; a counterpoint to the two previous stouts which were gnarly (Foreign Extra) and full of mixed ferm fun (Barrel Aged). We used the yeast that had previously fermented the Dubbel Date and Belgian Christmas so there are fruity esters in the mix, but the stars of the show here are the grains – Roasted Barley, Black Patent and Cafe Light bring the darkness; Cara Gold and Aromatic for layers of sweet complexity and oats galore for velvety smooth mouthfeel.

“Maybe next time we’ll add tonka beans, lactose and salted caramel but for now we’re very happy with the job the classic ingredients are doing. It’s absolutely delicious and dangerously easy drinking.”