St Petroni Vermut Branco

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St Petroni Vermu Branco is a white vermouth made from carefully selected Albarino grapes from the Rosalianos Vineyards of Pazo Arreten, which are fermented then vinified on the lees to enhance the aromas, taste and texture of the wine.

Twenty-nine selected herbs and botanicals are macerated in alcohol before being blended with the wine using a secret and unique process. These include wormwood, lemongrass, mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, bay leaves, lemon balm, orange peel, and hibiscus flowers.

Pale yellow in colour with a greenish hue. Aromas of citrus, white flowers with herbaceous notes. The palate is balanced, structured, and very fresh. An elegant, spiced aftertaste.

Perfect in a classic Negroni with equal measures of gin, Campari and St Petroni Vermu Branco, garnished with a slice of orange.