Tikves Barovo Single Vineyard 2017


Tikveš Winery’s 3 hectare Barovo vineyard is one of the highest in the Balkans, 1100m at its highest, which gives a wide daily temperature which aids ripening and well drained soils which makes the vines work hard for their low yields. The grape varieties used here are Vranac 35%, a thin skinned grape that produces ripe, dark fruited wines with high alcohol and ripe tannins and Kratosija 65%, local name for Primitivo, aged for 12 months in French oak, these two grapes make a heady brew with dried dark berries and ripe plums and figs the tannins are ripe and give nice balance to this long, warm, powerful wine.

Macedonia winemaking history goes back over 2000 years but the Tikveš region is first mentioned in 1885 and the winery dates from the mid 1940’s. Head winemaker Marko Stojakovic was born in Serbia but raised in France studying at Bordeaux and Montpellier and works alongside French consultant Philippe Cambie.