Torre Zambra Passerina

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Passerina “Colle Maggio” is the most recent success in Torre Zambra’s endeavour to revive Abruzzo’s precious native heirloom cultivars. The essence of Villamagna’s dependable hill terroir finds a powerful voice in this monovarietal white made out of Passerina grapes.

The vineyards are on the slopes of Colle Maggio hill, in Villamagna, about 200 metres above sea level and with perfect south-east exposure. Yield per hectare are around 120 quintals, on limestone and clay soils that imbue the wines with their minerality and longevity. Manual picking guarantees that only the clusters at the best stage of ripeness make their way to the wooden crates.

The grapes are cold-macerated for 24 hours and soft-crushed, then the wine matures for two months in steel vats and for two months in the bottle, in true winery tradition, emerging an elegant, intense, brilliant straw yellow.

The fresh, elating nose shows hints of Granny Smith and citrus fruit, while the mouth echoes the freshness, combined with a perfect roundness, with a balanced sensory profile also vaunting a pleasing tanginess. Pair with fish dishes, shellfish and white meat.